No ONE needs another water bottle BUT:

Every Shine Like a BOSS water bottle is designed specifically for you and has the option for you to add God's scripture signature, AND your personalized name:

  • Each Shine Like a BOSS water bottle has the option to add a special inspirational scripture assigned just for you!
  • Every water bottle has the option to add your name scripted along the bottom. A name is everything and your name is important to God and to us.
  • PLUS, all our Shine Like the BOSS vitamins, scrunchy’s, hair ties, can all be stored in our special storage base that comes in 14 different colors to highlight your personality. Choose your color!

Our bottles are 20 oz, double walled insulated stainless steel, and feature a detachable storage base to keep what’s vital with you. Our bases come in 14 colors, so you can design a bottle to reflect you! Hot weather not a problem, cold weather not a problem, our water bottles are designed specifically just for you!

To start creating your SHINE LIKE A BOSS + VĪDL LIFE COLLECTION bottle, click on one of the design options below:

Shine Like A Boss - new

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