Our water filters and other water sanitation systems enable children to be healthy, go to school and learn, enjoy their childhood, and not have to suffer the burden of helping their family spend time locating and transporting safe water. They can be kids.

Parents are spared the agony of watching their children suffer the needless impact of unsafe water consumption. Household budgets are enhanced as parents spend less money on medicines and medical treatment for sick children. These resources can be re-directed toward improved nutrition, education, and school supplies.

Communities that receive water sanitation systems which provide clean water solutions for all residents are able to focus their attention on working, starting businesses, and educating their children once they are free from the time-consuming challenges of sourcing and transporting safe water.

Every dollar invested in clean water solutions yields over $6.00 in economic return!


Angels Arms

Angels’ Arms was founded in 2000 by a group of foster parents and concerned community members who wanted to provide a safe home and a loving family to foster children. In just 21 years, Angels’ Arms has grown from an idea to 13 homes serving nearly 100 children annually, with our first home opening in 2003.


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