When is a bottle more than a bottle?

When given as a gift, it reminds them they are vital to you.

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You're Vital. Be vital.

The bottle you design acts as a reminder throughout your day that:
“You’re Vital”
-important, essential and treasured-
and encourages you to “Be Vital” to those around you.

No one needs another water bottle, but.....

When given as a gift,

our bottles are a great way to remind others they're vital - vital to you, vital to society, vital to the world.

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Thoughtfully designed. A little bit of fun. Very useful.

Choose your bottle color

The 20 oz vīdl bottle comes in four colors - white, gray, black, and stainless steel.

Flip your lid

Choose from a straw, chug, or keep it classy with our standard.

Make it yours

Choose from 14 interchangable storage base colors.

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