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Maestro: Songteller of Savannah Valley

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What if you were a maestro?  

A Maestro brings together a diverse group of people, all with different backgrounds and stories, to perform a choral or symphony of harmonious sound. A Maestro sees the value in others and knows that every person in front of him or her is vital to the success of the performance. 

What if you inspired others to achieve what they didn’t believe possible?  What would the world be like, if we all behaved like maestros, tuning in to the hearts of others, inspiring them to realize their hopes and dreams?

In the following chapters, you will meet a man who gave hope and possibilities to those he encountered, even from a young age. He turned his passion for music—and his hunger to inspire excellence in others—into a world-renowned career. After tragedy struck, he believed that his professional life had come to an end. But his passions took a surprising new turn, renewing his purpose and those of the people around him.
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