50 Years Later, this Couple Celebrates a Vital Moment

50 Years Later, this Couple Celebrates a Vital Moment

Carolyn and Kelly Gay were married in March 1971 at their local church. 50 years later, still happily married, now with four grandchildren, the couple decided to commemorate their wedding by stepping back into their wedding clothes and recreating the photos they had taken on that important day.

A vīdl moment is a special moment that later, you’ll wish you could have back. For this couple, recreating their wedding photos was a way to celebrate a moment like that, and all the life they’ve shared together since.

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In the photoshoot, Carolyn and Kelly reenacted every pose and angle from their original wedding pictures. Seeing the new photos side-by-side with the originals reveals a couple who have lived a full life and, throughout all their changes, remained fervent and consistent in their commitment to one another.

This photoshoot was a creative and beautiful way to honor a defining moment in the couple’s lives. It looks back on where they began and acknowledges all they’ve been through together.

If you could commemorate a vīdl moment in your life, what would it be?

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