A Selfless Act and a Life Lesson

A Selfless Act and a Life Lesson

Doorbell video captures moment good Samaritan returns lost wallet in Florida.

If you’ve ever lost your wallet, you know how terrible that can feel. Thanks to a momentary lapse in organization or coordination, your cash, identification, credit cards, and more are gone.

In moments like these, all you can do is retrace your steps and hope that if someone else finds what you’re looking for, they’ll do the right thing and return it to you or a nearby lost & found.

When Debra Crosby accidentally dropped her wallet in the Walmart parking lot, she was anxious. “I’m gonna have to replace my military ID, my driver’s license, and I’ll have to take off work to do that…”

But on her way home, Debra got a surprising message on her phone. It was a recorded video from her doorbell app, showing the man who had found her wallet. In the video, he explains he found the wallet in the Walmart parking lot and would be leaving it under some packages on her porch.

Crosby, a science teacher at a nearby middle school, was delighted that someone would return her wallet. And, she connected that act of kindness with values she wants to instill in her own children.

“If he is watching this, I want him to know that he makes me so proud,” Crosby said. “I have three sons of my own and I would hope that they do the exact same thing.”

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It would be easy to ignore a lost wallet, or even worse, take what’s inside for yourself. The man who found Debra’s wallet understood that his act of kindness could go a long way to relieve another person’s pain. He couldn’t have known, however, the full impact of his choice.

Because of his choice to sacrifice time and effort to return the wallet, he provided a valuable object lesson for Debra to teach her children. Her sons got to witness, first-hand, how a simple act of kindness helped their mother, as she urged them to go and do the same for others.

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