Don’t Forget Your Passions

Don’t Forget Your Passions

Many of us have hobbies, skills, and interests that bring us joy and give us new ways to experience life. You’ll never catch me performing in front of an audience, but I enjoy the time I get to spend in front of the piano–the tactile experience of my hands on the keyboard, and the sounds that emerge in rhythm with my movement.

You know what that is for you. It might be a competitive activity like basketball, or a contemplative pastime like reading. Some friends of mine enjoy the meditative act of crocheting and providing scarves for their friends.

Whatever your passions are, don’t lose them. They’re vital to your life and can sometimes turn into exciting opportunities.

Nathan Evans, a postman from Scotland shared his love of traditional sea shanties on social media. His rendition of “The Weatherman” now has millions of views, with several other singers making their own posts, adding their own harmonies and instrumentation.

Thanks to the success of this clip, Nathan has gained a following and has been able to pursue music as a full time career.


Because Nathan followed his passions, he was able to share traditional music with a whole new audience and forged a new path performing music professionally.

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