How Long Does a Moment Last?

How Long Does a Moment Last?

90 seconds. That’s what it says when you ask Google. The first search result is a Wikipedia article offering a history of the word “moment” as a loose unit of time. 

But a moment can hold within it much more than a period of time. Just think of your strongest memories: the birth of your child, a road trip with a friend, or your first kiss. Those moments were powerful enough to make a clear impression on your mind. The feelings and thoughts you associate with those experiences all occurred within a brief timespan, but their impact ripples throughout the rest of your life.

These kinds of moments don’t feel constrained by time. You might keep a wedding photo at your desk to remind yourself of the love you share with that special person. You’re transported to a time when you committed your life to someone else and you’re reminded of that commitment.

Someone who’s been divorced might look at a wedding photo differently. For them, the meaning of the wedding photo has changed. It might remind them of regrets, mistakes, and lessons learned. Either way, what happens in a moment can have long-lasting, meaningful consequences.

Powerful memories can encourage us and remind us what matters. They can teach us about ourselves and those we love. In those moments we were fully alive, engaging life, not avoiding it.

Your day is filled with moments. Each one is an opportunity to engage with what’s vital right now. You won’t do this by burying your face in your phone or giving your attention to petty drama. Your moments will be filled with meaning when you’re aware enough to look for it.

Remind yourself of what’s vital in your life. Be mindful of every moment as an opportunity for you to embody those values. Moments that pass quickly hold infinite possibilities. Will you notice them?

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