Journal Your Hits and Misses

Journal Your Hits and Misses

It’s good to remember. Although human memory isn’t always perfect, our ability to recall details, sensations, and even lessons learned from a moment helps us gain insight into our lives here and now.

Here’s a low-stakes example: Imagine you’re visiting a new restaurant with friends. Your experience there will determine whether or not you return to that restaurant and what you’ll order in the future. You may enjoy the food or find it disgusting. Either way, your brain will create a sense memory of that moment that will inform your future dining choices. 

Now, eating is a pretty important part of being human, so it’s no surprise we have powerful sense memories related to food. For example, I can imagine my grandma’s pecan pie, remember how it tasted, and how good it felt to be around my family during the holidays. 

Your memories are echoes of the experiences you had in the past. Your mind captures all the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations of a moment and attaches them to a memory, and you assign that memory meaning. 

This is why vidl products are available in a variety of colors. This choice allows you to connect a color you can see to a memory of what’s important to you.

Capture vital moments. Good and bad.

Important memories are often more complex than recalling whether or not you liked a lasagna. 

For example, you may lose your temper with a family member and say something you end up regretting. Even though it isn’t pleasant to think about, the best thing you can do is acknowledge and remember that event.

Journaling can strengthen your memory. Think about what led to your anger. Accept it and write it down. Think about what that other person means to you. Write that down. Remember what it felt like to apologize and resolve to be better.

Journal the bad moments to create more good moments.

Think of it as taking notes on your life. The most important lessons you learn happen throughout your day-to-day life and within your most treasured relationships. Each new day is a pop quiz, ready to test your memory. Have you studied?

And it isn’t just our failures we can capture. Mark down your successes too! Did your family have a great time at the park? What did it feel like when you met your exercise goals this week? 

Remember the satisfaction of a job well done or a promise kept. Write it down and recognize WHY these successes feel so good. You’re putting time and effort into what matters most to you!

Journaling can solidify the most important lessons we learn throughout the day. It can help us remember the outcomes of our decisions to help us make better choices in the future.

Does this moment feel important to you?

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