Motivated by Love, This 79 Year Old Alberta Man Goes to Beauty School

Motivated by Love, This 79 Year Old Alberta Man Goes to Beauty School

The Delmar College of Hair and Esthetics wasn’t expecting a walk-in student. But that’s exactly what they got when a 79-year-old resident of Alberta Canada showed up.

The gentleman, who has asked to remain anonymous, told the college’s director Carrie Hannah that his wife was losing her vision. He said her appearance was “important to her” and he wanted to help ease her concerns by learning how to do her hair and make-up for her.

The school set him up with a student and mannequin so he could learn how to curl hair and protect his wife’s skin, among other things like how to properly apply mascara.

“I will forever be grateful to have been able to assist such a lovely couple,” Hannah told reporters. She also shared, “He lovingly pulled pictures from his wallet, showing everyone his wife, and boasting about how beautiful she has always been and how talented she was.”


It’s likely that this gentleman had no personal interest in learning these skills, but his enduring love for his wife motivated him to broaden his experience at the age of 79. 

Sometimes we can find fulfillment in the unlikeliest of activities. For this Alberta husband, there was no hesitation. To bring his beloved wife comfort, he stepped out of his comfort zone and learned something new. 

When you acknowledge and remember the people and values that matter most to you, you can find purpose where you least expect it.

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