Seniors and Children are Connecting Across Generations with the Power of Music

Seniors and Children are Connecting Across Generations with the Power of Music

The “Together with Music” project is an initiative organized by Intergenerational Music Making (IMM), a community interest company launched in 2020 to combat loneliness.

In the wake of COVID-19’s worldwide spread and subsequent lockdowns, loneliness and isolation are more of a concern than ever. Thanks to this project, children and senior citizens are meeting one another virtually and sharing their love of music.

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This project uses music to help form meaningful connections across generations, and bring a ray of sunshine to everyone involved. Charlotte Miller, Director of IMM says, “We’ve already seen more than 100 connections emerge and begin to flourish through the sharing of music, culture, hope and positivity.” Miller hopes these connections will help communities bounce back stronger after the lockdown.

Together with Music takes applications from senior care facilities and schools around the UK to facilitate these new friendships. They use their online platform to allow children and seniors to interact and share their favorite music with one another and even collaborate to write songs.

These days, a lot of attention is paid to intergenerational conflict. People are categorized by generation and countless news articles present different generations as opposing forces politically, culturally, and morally. The truth is people of all ages have so much to gain from one another.

Remember, there is always common ground. Sharing your love of music, food, or nature can be a way to connect with someone from another generation. So who is on your mind? And what can you do to connect with them?

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