Vīdl and Thirsty Child Partner to Supply Clean Drinking Water

Vīdl and Thirsty Child Partner to Supply Clean Drinking Water

Part of our vīdl vision is to celebrate the power of human connection and look for ways to lift each other up. Impacting lives through vital reminders is at the forefront of every decision we make. We believe that humans are at their best when they are mindful of others and that the solution to humanity’s greatest problems are found in kindness.  We also know that the smallest act of kindness knows no bounds.

Today, we are so blessed to announce our partnership with Thirsty Child, a faith-based non-profit focused on the global water crisis. Thirsty Child provide water filter solutions, community wells and water sanitation systems in the Third World. It’s hard to fathom that over 700 million people lack access to clean, safe water according to Jeffrey Hartman, President of Thirsty Child. Even more startling is to know that a child dies every two minutes from illnesses related to this crisis.

Jeffrey Hartman and Rick Fessler, CEO of Vīdl, share their excitement in bringing our communities together in this quick video!
Timing is everything!
Together, Thirsty Child and Vīdl will be able to remind people all over the world that they are absolutely important, essential and treasured. For every 50 bottles sold, Vīdl will be able to provide a family with clean drinking water and we are just getting started!

More to come about our partnership efforts in providing parents resources to help their child(ren) become interested in philanthropy and involved in fundraising around important issues that are relatable to them!

For more information on Thirsty Child, please visit: ThirstyChild.org
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