Water Bottle That Fits In A Cup Holder

Water Bottle That Fits In A Cup Holder

Water bottles keep you hydrated all day long, whether at the gym, hiking, or, in this case, taking a long drive. However, they can be cumbersome, and many cannot fit inside standard cup holders. Bottles that can fit in a cup holder tend to be small and unable to keep you hydrated during long periods.

Enter the Vidl insulated water bottle, which is here to revolutionize how we use water bottles. Let's look at why this water bottle is getting people talking.

Does The Vidl Water Bottle Fit In A Cup Holder?

image of black vidl life bottle in car

Vidl is an ergonomically designed water bottle. It's built to store plenty of water while taking up only a little space in your backpack or other containers. Some water bottles are shaped to take up as much space as possible, which can be challenging when packing light.

This design extends to its base, too. It's small enough to fit inside most cup holders, including your standard cup holder for your car. It rides securely and is extremely well balanced.

Even in rush hour traffic, there is no risk of it falling or spilling liquid. Even if it falls, however, its leak-proof lid ensures nothing happens to what's inside.

Design Your Bottle

Your Water Bottle For Everyday Life

Vidl's water bottle technology fits your everyday needs. Let's look at several reasons Vidl is going where few bottles dream of going.

Modern & Ergonomic

Today's world is about having the most potential while occupying as little space as possible. Consider how much data you can store in a modern smartphone. Vidl uses the same principle: it can give you the most water without taking up too much space when it's not in use.

Its ergonomic design also means you can easily fit it in your hand and stays in it regardless of how intense your day is. Whether your hands are large or small, we guarantee a smooth experience.

It fits in Car Cup Holders Easily

We designed this bottle to fit inside most standard cup holders. Keep your cold drinks in a safe and convenient location with a water bottle that can fit in cup holders. This feature does not sound too revolutionary but think about it. Many water bottles have a shape that does not fit in cup holders. But it's not just oversized bottles. Even the smaller bottles struggle in this regard. They also work in cup holder extenders.

Made of Durable, High-Quality Stainless Steel

Our stainless steel water bottles are designed to last. Accidents happen, such as you dropping it, and many bottles will dent or leak even with one minor incident. However, our insulated water bottle is designed to handle life.

In addition, our water bottles come with wide straw lid mouths. Even large water bottles have tiny mouths, making adding ice cubes or drink mix difficult. Our straw lid bottles make it simple to make your drink your own way.

Easy to Clean

You'd be surprised by how many water bottles make cleaning them challenging. You may be having an issue removing a protein powder clump at the bottom, or perhaps the water bottle is not dishwasher safe.

We decided to think differently. Our bottles are entirely safe for dishwashers, and they have EasyRemove gaskets. They slip off like smooth gloves and can be cleaned in the dishwasher without warping.

Interchangeable Storage Base

Our vacuum-insulated water bottles come with an interchangeable storage base to give you more variety and help you store additional items besides liquids. You can exchange it for another base of a different color, and these bases can work to keep your belongings safe. Some people may use them to store their keys or earbuds.

Others may use this base to hold snacks, satisfying their hunger and thirst. You could put drink powder in there, too. Need to mix some pre-workout for the gym? It's so easy. There are many other creative ways to use this base, including hot drinks. Put some marshmallows in the base and mix them with hot chocolate. The possibilities are endless.

Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation Technology

We've explained that our water bottles are vacuum insulated, but what does that mean? Many bottle brands, such as Hydro Flask, advertise vacuum-sealing, so let's explain what it entails for our bottles personally.

Our bottles consist of a main body, which has two walls built inside of it. These walls are spaced slightly, creating a vacuum where no air can enter.

This means your drinks stay the temperature they originally were for much longer. If you have hot drinks, they will remain hot hours later. Are you pulling an all-nighter? Vidl bottles will keep that coffee hot. Outside on a hot day? We'll keep your drinks cold for a long time.

Beautifully Designed

Above all else, our bottles are designed for everything life throws at you. Store your medicine inside of it, keep it safe with you at all times, and send it as a gift. With so many customization options, our bottles are designed for every part of your life. You can create your water bottle to show that you or the people around you matter.

What are the Advantages of Using a Water Bottle That Fits in Car Cup Holders?

Besides fitting in a car cup holder, why are these bottles so great? Let's look at some advantages of our water bottles that fit in your cup holders.

Healthier Than Plastic Bottles

Plastic water bottles are convenient, but they have many health concerns. Many plastic bottles have bisphenol A (BPA) in them. This chemical has had many health concerns linked to it, from interfering with your hormones to possible cancer risks. We recommend ditching plastic bottles or at least using them sparingly for your health.

More Sustainable

Imagine 60 million plastic water bottles. It's hard to think about, huh? That's how many people throw away every day. Few get recycled, and plastic is not known for breaking down fast. Because of this, many are turning to reusable water bottles, which reduce litter and prevent landfills from being filled with them. We're not saying we can change the environment, but with less plastic, we can help to make a dent in changing it for the better.

More Affordable

High-quality insulated water bottles can cost more than a plastic water bottles, but because the water bottle is reusable, you will save money in the long run. You've come to the right place if you want a water bottle that pays for itself. We've struck the right balance between a premium bottle and affordability.

Keeps Drinks Hot or Cold Longer

There's nothing worse than hot coffee turning lukewarm or your ice-cold lemonade getting hot. That's why a vacuum-insulated water bottle is a perfect solution. Since no air can enter this bottle, it keeps your hot drinks hot, and vice versa, for hours. You could store a bottle in a hot car for hours, and that water will still be cold. Your hot chocolate could be out in the cold and will still be hot when you open it up.

Convenient Way to Stay Hydrated

We all know the importance of staying hydrated all day long. However, it can be a hassle to do so. For several reasons, an insulated water bottle is a convenient way to keep yourself hydrated.

First, your water will always be cold or your preferred temperature. Second, you will have easy access since the insulated water bottle fits perfectly in your car cup holder or cup holder extender. Finally, our stainless steel water bottle is designed to store enough water to keep you hydrated all day long.

More Durable

Plastic water bottles are not known for being durable. After a few drinks, your water bottle will be warped, leaky, or unusable. It cannot survive life's challenges and the occasional clumsiness.

Our water bottles are made from durable materials. It won't be the end of the world if you drop our insulated water bottle or let your kid be a little rough with it. Instead, our insulated water bottle is designed to last long.

How Are Vidl Water Bottles Different than Regular Water Bottles?

vertical closeup of Vidl bottle in carVidl water bottles provide clean drinking water to families in need. We donate to charities to supply families with clean drinking water and have partnered with trusted charities such as Thirsty Child.

Our water bottles are also affordable, helping families get drinking water from clean sources to drink later.

Another reason why our water bottles are different, besides fitting in a car cup holder, is that they take up less space than other bottles.

You can store them in small containers, then fill them up whenever they're ready.

What Types of Lids and Bases Can I Choose For My Water Bottle?

We have several lids to choose from when you purchase a bottle from us.

Our standard design is meant for everyday use. Remove it, then take a drink from your bottle. It's as simple as that.

Our chug lid lets you take a drink straight from it. This lid works well when you need water and fast. For example, the chug lid works for you if you're sweaty after a good workout session.

Finally, our straw lid makes it simple to take casual sips. Our straw lids work well when you want to make your drink last as long as possible.

Now, let's talk about our bases. Our bases come with several colors to choose from, all distinct from the bottle's color. You can pick a base color that blends with the bottle or contrasting color. With 14 colors and four bottle colors, you can choose from a whopping 56 color combinations.

Does a Vidl Water Bottle Fit In Any Size Cup Holder?

Our insulated water bottles are designed to fit almost every possible cup holder and holder expander. Of course, someone could make a cup holder so small that a Vidl water bottle couldn't fit in it. However, your average car cup holder, chair cup holder, or most extenders will fit this bottle just fine. Whether you're driving, relaxing, or playing an intense game, our bottles will be with you, always.

How is a Vidl Water Bottle More Than Just a Water Bottle?

We're more than an insulated water bottle seller. We are a movement designed to help people know they matter.

From division to a lack of access to life-saving resources, a lot is happening right now. While we cannot stop everything, we can remind people that they matter, and we partner with organizations designed to help people's lives be better.

In today's world, many companies claim to be more than just a company. However, we have proof to back it up. When you purchase from us, you're not only buying a quality product, but your purchase is a part of something bigger.

Can I Personalize my Vidl Water Bottle?

We offer personalized engravings for your water bottle. Besides our many color combinations, this is a way to make your bottle truly yours.

Whether you want to give yourself a motivational message, show a family member that you love them, or make your water bottle stand out, our personalization options deliver in all regards.

Simply contact us for more information about our personalization options. If you have a special request, we can tell you if it's feasible or not.


Vidl is a personalized water bottle designed to give back to communities most need it. Besides having a unique design that fits your personality, our insulated water bottle fits most cup holders, keeping your cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for much longer.

Our bottles also last much longer than your standard plastic bottles, are healthier for you and pay for themselves. If you're in need of quality drinkware, you've come to the right place, and we're glad to make you part of our growing family.

If you're interested, feel free to browse our store and see what we have to offer. Chances are, we have the right bottle for your needs.

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