As we head out of January, a month typically focused on ourselves with things like - what do want to accomplish this year, how much weight can I lose, or this is the year I get my finances under control - and head into February, we need to shift our focus to those who matter the most to us. 

God asks us to give from our hearts with gratitude.  He provides us our daily needs.  One of our most valuable needs are relationships.  We are ALL born with relational needs.  When our relationships are healthy our lives are more fulfilled.  Cupid, Hallmark, and every florist in the country asks us to show appreciation to the people we love one day of the month.  We at vīdl challenge our community to do this all month long.  There are 12 months in a year, devoting one of those months to those most important to us is a great way to start someone’s year off in an uplifting and encouraging way.     

This month’s featured bottle “WHAT TRULY MATTERS IS WHO WE HAVE IN OUR LIFE” is a great way to remind us daily to focus on those most important to us.  Another message we have, if you’re looking for a great gift idea, is YOU’RE IMPORTANT ESSENTIAL AND TREASURED.  Personalize it with a meaningful quote or reminder to make it extra special.   

Gifts are great, and can be meaningful, but actions will always speak louder than gifts.  Try this, this year; think of something your loved one does for you, that doesn’t seem like it’s important, and YOU do that task for THEM for the month of February.  For me, I appreciate that my wife makes our coffee on the weekends and brings it back to bed so we can enjoy a great start to our day.  It’s something simple, but I appreciate it…more than she knows.  I am going to do that for her this month.  I may not do it right, but that’s not the point.  I just want her to know how much I appreciate the little things she does for me. 

We at vīdl believe, showing someone “You’re Vital to me”  can be so much more impactful than any flowers and/or gifts can be.

1 John says in verse 3:18 “dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth”.  It’s amazing that even before access to a gift that can show up at your door same day, people needed to be reminded of the importance of showing action and truth in relationships.

 You’re Vital.  Be Vital. 

“Can a water bottle really change the world? Probably not.  But we believe the people carrying it can.”


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