If you have used any type of social media apps within the past few years you've probably seen the term 'emotional support water bottle.' Reusable metal containers seem to be the ideal way to drink in this moment. Vidl brings an extra level of style to the scene, letting you choose colors an motivational sayings that speak to your unique personality and motivations.

There's a brand new meaning to those clunky, hefty water bottles previously only used by avid hikers around the country. This new trend is a lesson in the psychology of object attachment, and it won't just help you get your recommended amount of H2O per day, it may also help ease your anxiety and benefit your mental health. But how can something so simple have so much effectiveness? Let's find out.

What is an Emotional Support Water Bottle?

If you're not the type of person to keep up with internet trends you may, understandably, be a little confused. To have an 'emotional support water bottle' means to have an attachment to a reusable water bottle that you take with you everywhere you go in life; whether that be to work, to school, the mall, or anywhere else you may find yourself thirsty.

Where Did Emotional Support Water Bottles Come From?

Similar to how a large number of trends start today, the 'emotional support water bottle' trend had it's beginning on TikTok. One of the first to coin the term was content creator Christina Najjar, who declared that her reusable water container "literally changed her life." Since 2018, TikTok's easily viral algorithms have produced many trends relating to wellness and environmentalism. This is driven partly by the fact that data shows well over half of TikTok users are from the more climate aware demographic of 18-29.

How Do You Use an Emotional Support Water Bottle?

Human's are creatures of habit. We typically do the same thing at the same time each day, rather than trying new things and switching our routine up. According to data by Northwestern Medicine, "An effective routine can help reduce stress, which can lead to better mental health, more time to relax and less anxiety." Adding even the simple act of carrying the same objects every day provides a sense of routine in one's day. Having an object to carry with you daily also helps ease anxiety by allowing you to have a form of secure attachment to one reliable object, enabling your day to feel more consistent and safe.

What Are The Benefits of Using Emotional Support Water Bottles?

The newest trend in wellness has an incredible amount of benefits for your personal health, both mentally and phsically. It's even a great example of a simple change that everyone can make in their lives in order to reduce the amount of wasteful plastic waste in the world, one sip at a time.

1. Increased Hydration

An emotional support water bottle makes it astonishingly easy to stay get ample amounts of water throughout the day. Drinking the recommended amount of H2O throughout the day is critical, as it plays a key role in many of our body's functions. Drinking 48 to 64 ounces each day helps keep your nervous system alert, bring nutrients to cells, maintain body temperature, and many more vital bodily functions.

2. Reduced Stress

Having an object to carry your H2O also helps reduce the amount of stress and anxiety you're feeling in the same way a kid uses a stuffed animal. The water bottle essentially provides you with the sense of having a 'security blanket' to come back to throughout your day.

3. Improved Concentration

Your favourite vessel can even help improve your concentration on important tasks. Data shows that when you are staying hydrated: focus, alertness, and reaction time improve drastically.

4. Better Skin Health

An emotional support water bottle helps improve your overall complexion. This is driven partly by the fact that our bodies response to water is to put it on a course to hydrate all of body's cells, including our skin cells.

5. Reusable Water Container

An emotional support water bottle is great for the environment as it can be reused almost indefinitely and reduce plastic waste around the world. The containers are typically also quite large, so oftentimes the moment you're thirsty you can take a sip right away.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Using an Emotional Support Water Bottle?

Of course, as with everything, there are negative aspects as well. One of the main issues with emotional support water bottles aren't the hefty water bottles themselves, but the consumer culture surrounding them. Unlike people who use them as a statement of sustainability, with one reusable bottle to replace hundreds of would be empty single-plastic water bottles - a sense of overconsumption has taken the reigns on some. Instead of only purchasing one reusable water bottle, people are turning the objects into a fashion statement. For example, many are observing supermodels carrying new colors and brands, and they want to be just like them. However, they keep purchasing more and more and leaving them to collect dust, turning this previously sustainable venture incredibly unsustainable.

Is a Emotional Support Water Bottle Right For Me?

With the huge amount of benefits a reusable water bottle can provide you with, you may be considering buying your own. Whether you want one because you feel anxious or you simply want to develop better characteristics when it comes to hydration, an 'emotional support water bottle' is a great investment for your overall health.

Is a Reusable Water Bottle Safe?

Reusable water bottles are incredibly safe as they're typically made of non-leeching metal and glass materials. Single-use plastic water bottles are often made with BPA (bisphenol A), an industrial chemical which can disrupt your body's endocrine system.

Why Should I Choose a Vidl Water Bottle?

One 'emotional support water bottle' brand that's becoming increasingly popular is Vidl. With so many people wanting to customize their water bottles, Vidl had the fresh idea to create pre-customization services on their sites. Before ordering, buyers can choose from beautiful motivational phrases they like permanently embedded onto their reusable water bottle, and even choose their desired lid type, bottle and base color.

If you're into matched and coordinated aesthetics, then you can coordinate your Vidl bottle with your favorite lunch box or yoga mats to create a (or several) to go set to get you out the door in style.

What Are The Long Terms Benefits of Using an Emotional Support Water Bottle?

A lot can happen when a person is staying hydrated. Having a dependable water bottle helps one better measure their daily intake of hydration and lead to long term benefits in their lives. Water supports all 10 essential major systems in the body, including the respiratory, muscalar, and cardiovascular.


This trend in wellness is just the beginning. Whether you want to have a water bottle to remind you to drink the recommended daily intake to better your nutrition or you want the emotional support aspect that comes with one, it may be time to accept your new metal fifth limb. 

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